Karen White

Quick Intro: Hoosier, wife, mother, grandmother of two

Nickname: Don’t have one

Ministry Role:  Finance Secretary

Family:  3 children Kevin (& Ami), David (& Pam), Sarah (& Bobby), 2 grandchildren (Shawn & Haileigh)

Dream Vacation:  Tahiti

Regular Order at Starbucks:  Coconut milk mocha macchiato

Life Motto:  "There are bigger fish to fry, so just get over it!"

Favorite Movie:  All the Star Wars movies, romantic movies

Favorite Scripture: "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose" (Romans 8:28). 

Things That Fascinate Me:  Beautiful sunsets/sunrises

One Thing Most People Don't Know About Me:  Attended four different elementary schools (two in Indiana and two in Florida)

Favorite Singer/Band:  Elvis, Beach Boys

When & Where I Got Saved: 11 years old @ Bay St. Baptist

Sports I Am NOT Good At:  Badminton

Least Favorite Food:  Beets and okra

Thing That Makes Me Cry: Abused animals

People Who Inspire Me: My mother, those who are living out their faith in Christ Jesus

Life-Changing Moment:  First pregnancy

Favorite Books (in addition to the Bible):  Left Behind Series, mysteries

Quirks: Subject to bursts of singing

In My Spare Time: Disney with family and/or friends

Hidden Talent: None

The Most Exotic Place I've Ever Been:  Aruba

The Most Adventurous Thing I've Ever Done:  Hiked from Muir Woods to Pacific Ocean

Least Favorite Thing To Do:  Iron