Debbie Johnson-Heitling

Quick Intro: Born in Charleston, WV, and then drug to Florida kicking & screaming when I was nine.

Nickname: Deb

Ministry Role: Church Secretary for 17 years @ Bay Street

Family: Husband, Jerry; 4 kids; 7 grand kids and 2 bonus kids; and our cat, Katie Belle

Dream Vacation: Mountains

Regular Order at Starbucks:  N/A

Life Motto:  

Favorite Movie: Twister & Jaws. Won’t watch anything ‘sappy’

Favorite Scripture: Philippians 4:13

Things That Fascinate Me:  

One Thing Most People Don't Know About Me: In the 4th grade I attended a one-room school in West Virginia where each row was a grade.

Favorite Singer/Band: I like oldies from the 50’s & 60’s

When & Where I Got Saved: In Sunday School in the 4th or 5th grade. I was so excited to go home and tell my mom. She would not let me get baptized; she didn’t believe in children doing that. So when I was 21, went down front and was baptized that night.

Sports I Am NOT Good At:  Not good at any sports.

Least Favorite Food:  Wild game

Thing That Makes Me Cry: Anything patriotic, and when animals get hurt, except reptiles and amphibians

People Who Inspire Me: Donna Perman

Life-Changing Moment: Being with a loved one when they pass.

Favorite Books (in addition to the Bible): Gone With the Wind, Southern Living Magazine

Quirks: I love the mountains, but am petrified of heights.

In My Spare Time:  Work in the yard; rearrange furniture ( I know, so sad...)

Hidden Talent:  I don’t know if this is a talent, but love paying it forward or helping people anonymously.

The Most Exotic Place I've Ever Been: Stayed at a swanky B&B in Charleston, SC.

The Most Adventurous Thing I've Ever Done:  

Least Favorite Thing To Do: Iron & empty the dishwasher